TFS Repository for Bamboo

Need Bamboo builds from TFS repositories - with this plugin you can do it

This plugin allows Atlassian Bamboo to use TFS as a source repository for builds. Now it is easier to mix Microsoft and Atlassian solutions or plan migration.

  • Works out of the box
  • Supports remote agents with no additional configuration
  • Can be run on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX
  • Supports TFS 2008-2018 and Azure DevOps 2019-2023
  • Works with cloud-based TFS services like
  • Supports deployment plans
  • Supports Bamboo variables in repository path and url
  • Regexp to include/exclude files that should be checked out
  • Checkouts from a label or a specific revision
  • TFS branches discovery
  • Supports web repository viewer (provides links to commits)

A Bamboo restart is required to install/uninstall the app!